By using this free service, titled 'SoundScrape', referred to as the 'service', you agree to the following terms:

You must not use this service to illegally obtain music. This service is run to provide a quick means of archiving music which has been marked as downloadable, or to allow an artist, persons, groups or members of the public with some form of permission from the artist to download said material. This service may be used for other, similar purposes not specified here, but only at the discretion of the copyright holder or parties with permission, only if said purposes are permitted within UK law. YOU PROVIDING A SOUNDCLOUD URL TO BE DOWNLOADED CONSTITUTES THAT YOU HAVE THE NECESSARY PERMISSION FROM THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER TO PROCEED. THIS ALSO CONSTITUTES THAT YOU HAVE ACCEPTED FULL AND SOLE RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS.

At no point are files transferred or stored on this service. In fact, despite the use of 'ripper' in the logo, the service does nothing of the sort, instead merely parses the given SoundCloud track page and extracts a link, something which could be done manually by viewing the source of the track page and looking for the stream url.

SoundCloud is a trademark of SoundCloud Ltd. iTunes is a trademark of the Apple Corporation.

I am not a lawyer, so I may of not covered everything above. However, please feel free to contact me info [at] soundscrape [dot] net